1More Evo review

1More Evo review

The 1More Evo are without a doubt the brand’s best earbuds to date, featuring a wealth of practical features, from powerful audio to respectable ANC.


  • Support for LDAC hi-res codec
  • Adequate ANC


  • A bit hefty
  • Limitations on touch controllers


One of those long-standing brands, 1More, never quite rose to the level of greatness it may have otherwise. Although the company has released a variety of earbuds and headphones that come close to doing this, it has never completely succeeded.

The good news is that it feels like the tide has finally turned with the most recent 1More Evo, even though 1More is yet to join Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, and others in our list of the finest wireless earbuds. The 1More Evo are a highly alluring option because they are stuffed full of practical features like ANC, wearer detection, and a companion app, all of which mainly work quite well, plus LDAC support, IPX4 protection, and some excellent sound quality.

These are truly competitive alternatives to the Apple AirPods Pro and other headphones in this price bracket with a normal price of $170/£220 (about AU$383), and we don’t say that lightly.


Even if you have small ears like we do, the 1More Evo won’t overwhelm you while being slightly bulkier than other options.

You receive excellent sound quality with strong bass, rich mids, and precise highs in return for fitting a somewhat larger earpiece and casing. Here, too, having the option of using 1More’s SoundID profiling—where its accompanying app predicts what you would like—or manually adjusting the EQ—proves beneficial.

At this pricing, the 1More Evo has all the required functionality. The earbuds can connect to two devices at once, wireless charging is feasible with the charging case, and the noise cancelling is capable with a variety of settings to get the job done.

The touch controls could use additional options and commands, but they are still usable given that the fundamentals are present. They are adequate rather than exceptional.

With ANC turned on, the battery life is a respectable 5.5 hours, and it lasts roughly 8 hours when it’s off. Since you won’t likely be utilizing ANC constantly in everyday life, you’ll probably find it somewhere in the middle of the two.

The 1More Evo are ultimately all about ease. At this price, they include all the features you’d anticipate, right down to respectable codec compatibility and incredibly effective wearer identification. Although not everyone will like their aesthetic, they are now a competitive option to the more well-known, bigger-name brands that now rule the market for the best true wireless earbuds. Greetings, 1More; we have been a expecting you. 

1More Evo

1More Evo at Amazon for $169.99


  • $170 / £220 (around AU$383)
  • Released in Spring 2022

The 1More EVO is now offered in the US and UK and is available in either black or white. When purchasing directly from 1More, they are already discounted even though they are typically priced at $170/£220 across other merchants. Here, they are marked down to $136 and £180, although there are other savings from independent merchants like Amazon.

The 1More EVO is currently on sale in both black and white, which is a nice touch as price reductions typically rely on color schemes.

1More Evo


  • bulky IPX4 water-resistant headphones
  • 8 to 28 hours of battery life depending on the earbuds
  • Charging case

The 1More Evo are unquestionably a heavier set of earbuds than some alternative models. Even though they have a design that is almost jewel-like, they can feel fairly hard in your ears and are definitely noticeable when worn out and about.

That, however, also means that there is minimal chance of their separating. Even with our little ears, we discovered that they remained stationary throughout some quite rigorous workouts.

The earphones’ big rounded surfaces should indicate excellent touch controls. They are, however, and they aren’t. Although they are simple to tap, there is less control here than there is with other earphones. While you can change what a double or triple tap does, the 1More app doesn’t allow you to change the behavior of a single tap or any other gestures.

Fortunately, since the 1More Evo has excellent in-ear detection, you won’t need the aforementioned touch controls to pause or resume music when someone talks to you. The time between taking out the earbuds and the onboard technology ceasing playback is really short.

To fit those larger earbuds, the charging case is a touch on the large side, but it feels well in our hands and is uneventful in the perfect way. Here, as expected, USB-C and wireless charging are supported.

The earphones’ IPX4 water resistance will keep you dry as you walk even if you perspire or deal with a rainy day. Good news thus far,

Score for features and design: 4/5


  • Dynamic driver with balanced armature in 10mm
  • An acceptable level of noise cancellation
  • Excellent  sound balancing

Each earbud of the 1More Evo features a balanced armature driver and a 10mm dynamic driver. With songs like The Beach Boys’ God Only Know feeling sharp and crisp throughout and Childish Gambino’s Feels Like Summer feeling colorful and enticing, it’s a terrific combination that makes for thrilling listening.

We were way too eager to check out that guitar riff while Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain was playing, and it did not dissapoint. The 1More Evo reminds us in great detail exactly how fantastic that riff is when given its proper scrutiny.

Bass-driven music, such as All My Life by the Foo Fighters, sounds strong without being overpowering. Even if the soundstage isn’t the broadest, you can still feel the music properly enveloping you and emanating from all angles. It also helps to tune the EQ, either using 1More’s SoundID profile or manually, to your preferences.


The fact that the earbuds support AAC, SBC, and LDAC. The latter of which was first developed by Sony—means that high-res audio streaming is a possibility. LDAC is essentially a codec that enables you to stream high-resolution audio over Bluetooth. At up to 990kbps and up to 32-bit/96kHz. The sensitivity of your hearing and the resolution of the music you typically listen to will determine if it significantly affects your enjoyment of listening. But it’s good to know that you have access to the best at the level.

The 1More Evo are both excellent and in need of improvement. When it comes to noise cancelling, we know that seems strange, but bear with us. The ANC needs to adjust, just like the EQ. When we initially started using them, the 1More Evo fully muffled the sounds from a nearby noisy fan. Giving us the impression that the fan had stopped. awesome, right? cling on. Over time, a few more nosy people did make their way in. Strangely, the 1More Evo’s ANC let me to hear the faint music from a game that was being shown on the TV in the room.

The adaptive ANC mode seemed to help in this situation. But it couldn’t compete with products like Sony’s WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds for absolute silence. However, it was sufficient for us to concentrate on our work, and improving this situation would be worthwhile.

Score for sound quality and noise reduction: 4/5


  • decent price
  • a good substitute for better-known brands

For the price, the 1More EVO offers a lot of features. They are a very attractive pair of earphones, especially when decreased (as they appear to be today).

They may not have flawless controls or ANC, but they are highly trustworthy all-arounders that allow you to get a lot for your money.

Value rating: 5/5


Value score: 5/5

Buy them if…

  • You need excellent all-arounders.
    The 1More Evo performs a variety of tasks and, for the most part, does it successfully and affordably.
  • You give sound-per-pound audio quality priority.
    The 1More Evo’s sound quality, which offers you a richer and more engaging musical performance than many competitors thanks to LDAC higher-resolution codec compatibility, is its strongest strength.
  • You need a long-lasting battery.
    Even with ANC turned on, the 1More Evo has a respectable battery life for the money, so you won’t need to recharge very frequently.

Don’t buy them if…

  • You desire flawless ANC.
    Even when you take the time to get the 1More Evo’s noise cancelling at its optimum. Earbuds (rather than over-ears) aren’t always the ideal choice for optimal ANC. Give them a pass if you value stillness over anything else.
  • Great touch controls are required.
    The on-ear controls on the 1More Evo are minimal. But if you frequently need to touch your earphones to change playback, they won’t be sufficient for you.
  • You desire earbuds that are more discrete.
    Not everyone will enjoy the way the 1More Evo look, with their nearly jewel-like cabouchon driver housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do 1MORE earbuds work well?

Verdict. We’ve been waiting for excellent sounding ANC earphones that don’t resolve around bass for a while, and now they’re here. The 1more Evo offers great active noise cancellation, comfort, and quick charging on top of sounding more balanced and detailed than its top rivals. Hope the answer is there. oif not search more in internet.

2. How do Onemore Evo earbuds pair?

connecting the gadget to 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini
To activate pairing mode, open the charging case (pairing mode is indicated by the lights flashing alternatively) (Settings > Bluetooth > 1MORE EVO) Pair your headphones with a device that is already in use. Get the 1MORE MUSIC app from Google Play or the App Store, then install it.

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