Gigabyte M32UC review

Gigabyte M32UC review

Multiplatform gamers seeking for a high-performance 32-inch 4K gaming monitor with a 144Hz frame rate, HDR400, a fair number of ports, and other helpful features will find the Gigabyte M32UC to be quite appealing.


  • Exceptional image quality and performance
  • A plethora of connection possibilities
  • Excellent value


  • Speakers are awful.
  • Some fiddling is required with the basic display settings.

Two-minute review 

The Gigabyte M32UC succeeds where many other gaming monitors have failed by offering a clear image, useful features, and a 144Hz refresh rate at 4K without breaking the budget.

At its most basic, the curved 32-inch (31.5-inch to be exact) UHD gaming monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate that strikes an excellent mix between performance and efficiency. Aside from that, the M32UC features VESA Display HDR400, a bevy of connections, external speakers, and Gigabyte’s KVM technology. Everything packed within this bundle is available for an extremely reasonable $729.

Gigabyte M32UC (32-inch) at Amazon for $599.99

Despite some difficulties with the external speakers and default display settings, the M32UC offers so much value for those who can afford it that it easily rates as one of the top gaming monitors on the market right now, and comfortably qualifies for our list of the best 4K 144Hz monitors.

There are certain flaws that prevent the M32UC from completely capturing the crown, but anyone with one of the greatest graphics cards available, capable of delivering 4K gaming at more than 60 frames per second, will fall in love with this monitor. Aspiring esports players searching for a competitive edge, as well as a number of content providers, will find a lot to appreciate here.

In conclusion, regardless of criteria, the Gigabyte M32UC is one of the greatest displays on the market today.

Price and availability

Gigabyte M32UC review
  • How much does it cost? $799 / £681 (about AU$1,093) 
  • When is it out? The Gigabyte M32UC is out now 
  • Where can you get it? Available in the US,UK and Australia 

The Gigabyte M32UC costs $799 in the United States, £681 in the United Kingdom, and $1,093 in Australia.

Buyers in such areas can find them on famous websites like as Newegg and Amazon.

The $729 price tag for a 32-inch curved gaming panel with a UHD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, HDR400, and a slew of other capabilities is a steal, making it one of the best 4K displays available right now.

In our BenQ Mobiuz EX3210R review, we evaluated a monitor that was somewhat quicker at 165Hz but had a lesser 1440p resolution and presently sells for around $699. This isn’t significantly less than the M32UC, but you get a lot more with the latter. The MSRP of the BenQ Mobiuz EX3210U, which has identical features as the M32UC and is a flat 4K display, is $1,099, which is approximately $500 more than the M32UC.

  • Value: 5 / 5

Gigabyte M32UC Design

Gigabyte M32UC
  • Easy setup and operation
  • There are a lot of connectivity options  
  • Speakers are horrible

At first appearance, there’s a lot to like about the way Gigabyte created the M32UC. The two-part stand assembly is simple to assemble from the base to the neck. Outside of the back metal plate that clamps to the stand neck, the display frame has a plastic feel to it, which is surprising given the pricing. The port slate is positioned downward on the back of the display to provide it a sleek, unobtrusive appearance that compliments the all-black style.

Two HDMI 2.1 connections and one Display Port 1.4 port are available. This implies that, in addition to connecting the M32UC to a game PC via DisplayPort, the other two HDMI ports may be utilized with both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. There are three USB-3.2 downstream ports and one 3.2 upstream port in addition to the three video-in connectors.

The ports are completed with a 3.5mm earphone connector, which will undoubtedly be required due to the poor quality of the external speakers. Aside from concerns with overall loudness, poor mid-tones and crackling bass contribute to the overall ineffectiveness. It’s undeniable where the cutbacks were done.

  • Design: 3.5 / 5


Panel size: 32-inch
Panel type: VA LCD
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Brightness: 350 nits
Contrast: 3000:1
Pixel response: 1ms
Refresh rate: 144Hz (160Hz OC)
Inputs: 2 x HDMI 2.1 (support 4K 144Hz 4:4:4 @ DSC enabled or 4K 144Hz 4:2:0), 1 x Displayport 1.4, 1 x USB Type-C (Alternate Mode; Upstream port; Power Delivery up to 18W), 3 x USB 3.2 Downstream ports, 1 x USB 3.2 Upstream port, 1 x Earphone Jack 

Gigabyte M32UC Features

Gigabyte M32UC
  • Gigabyte KVM is truly beneficial.
  • Built-in esports features that are really useful

The Gigabyte M32UC has a multitude of functions, however the one we found most appealing was Gigabyte KVM. This tool enables you to operate many devices with a single set of keyboard, video, and mouse inputs.

There is a USB-C connector for using Gigabyte KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse), which can also upstream and provide power up to 18W. It is as simple as pushing the button above the joystick controller to activate the feature.

The KVM feature’s use may vary, however it was convenient to move between mobile device control choices without having to set up a second keyboard and mouse. Meanwhile, the easy joystick controller made adjusting display settings and switching display input a breeze.

Aside from an onscreen timer to count down match durations, aim stabilization and sync, and built-in, high contrast crosshairs for shooters, the quantity of esports features was also outstanding.

  • Features: 4 / 5


  • The image quality and gameplay performance are excellent.
  • HDR performance is outstanding.
  • During setup, you may need to fiddle with the settings.

Even with HDR enabled, the Gigabyte M32UC displays a pretty flat and poorly illuminated image from the start. After experimenting with various brightness, contrast, color adjustments, and HDR settings, the visual experience was simply spectacular.

With 93 percent DCI-P3 ultra wide-gamut color, colors burst brilliantly with deep blacks. There is also an anti-glare coating, so playing in a brightly lit room or near a window with direct sunlight will not degrade the visual clarity. Games like Forza Horizon 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Cyberpunk 2077 displayed outstanding graphic quality, which was only enhanced by the faster refresh rate. It was also a visual pleasure to edit images in Photoshop or watch Netflix movies.

The M32UC incorporates SuperSpeed VA technology, which keeps reaction times to 1ms, and the FreeSync deployment went off without a hitch. This enabled playing multiplayer modes in games like Call of Duty Vanguard and Halo Infinite an entertaining and competitive experience.

Overclocking allows you to increase the refresh rate to 160Hz, however this disables variable refresh rate, which may be an issue for some. Buyers who want to go farther into tailoring their experience with the M32UC may use Gigabyte’s OSD Sidekick software, which allows for even more fine-tuning of picture and performance.

  • Performance: 5 / 5

Should I get the Gigabyte M32UC?

Gigabyte M32UC

PC gamers with high-end rigs capable of 4K gaming at high refresh rates who want to save money on monitors should definitely consider the Gigabyte M32UC. At $799, the M32UC makes 4K/144Hz gaming more affordable than ever, with some notable additions.

Buy it if…

You want a 4K 144Hz display that is affordable.
At $799, the Gigabyte M32U provides a lot of bang for your buck. Aside from the superb visual and performance quality, the number of functions packed in is noteworthy.

You require several connectivity possibilities.
Aside from two HDMI connectors and one Display Port for multiplatform gaming, there are a few USB ports as well.

You desire a feature-rich bundle.
The KVM system is a nice addition for gamers who want to manage their phone or tablet while playing, and the OSD Sidekick app enables user customisation more personable.

Don’t buy if…

You desire improved external speakers.
The Gigabyte M32U’s inbuilt speakers are subpar. However, most dedicated gamers will already have a good headset.

Picture quality must be excellent from the outset.
The amount of customization and options available on the M32U is commendable, since it results in outstanding image quality. You’ll need these because the default image quality settings aren’t great.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Gigabyte M27Q a good buy?

The Gigabyte M27Q X is a high-performance gaming monitor. It outperforms most of its competitors in terms of performance and feature set. Check out our suggestions for the best gaming displays, the best 1440p gaming monitors, and the best budget gaming monitors for additional possibilities. If you think it is good for you, you van buy.

2. Is the gigabyte G27Q suitable for gaming?

Overall, the Gigabyte G27Q performs admirably. It’s ideal for gaming because it supports VRR, has a fast reaction time, and has extremely little input latency. It’s also suitable for HDR gaming because to its large color gamut, however it has a poor contrast ratio and no local dimming capability. Hope, you got the answer.

3. How can I boost  my gigabyte monitor?

Remove the little EPS foam block placed between the back of the screen and the stand. Then, take the safety plate out of its place. You may now adjust the screen to the appropriate height by removing the safety plate. When making the adjustment, keep the monitor base steady so that the screen does not fall. Hope the answer is there.

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