How to Fix Pre collision Assist not Available Sensor Blocked Error

How to Fix Pre collision Assist not Available Sensor Blocked Error

Discover why your Ford vehicle may display the Pre Collision Assist Not Available message and find practical tips to resolve the issue effectively. Unravel the mystery behind sensor blockages and ensure your safety systems are functioning optimally. The Pre Collision Assist system is a vital safety feature in Ford vehicles, providing drivers with a critical defense against potential collisions.

This innovative feature is designed to detect hazards and intervene swiftly, reflecting Ford’s dedication to driver safety. However, despite its reliability, drivers may sometimes face a puzzling issue: Pre Collision Assist Not Available. This alarming message, indicating a disruption in the system’s operation, can trigger frustration and concern, prompting a search for answers and solutions.

In this article, we explore the “Pre Collision Assist Not Available” warning in Ford vehicles, drawing from personal experiences and insights to shed light on its potential causes. With a focus on equipping drivers with practical solutions, we delve into the intricacies of this issue, providing invaluable tips to navigate and resolve this unsettling predicament effectively.

Pre collision assist not available sensor blocked

Sometimes, when driving your Ford, you might see a message in the middle of your dashboard saying “Pre collision assist not available sensor blocked.” This means something might be blocking the sensors that help your car detect possible crashes. It could be because the sensors are dirty. You can try cleaning them. If the message keeps showing up, it’s important to get your vehicle checked by a professional as soon as you can.

Pre collision assist not available sensor blocked

The “Pre Collision Assist Not Available” alert in Ford vehicles can happen for many reasons. Based on my experiences and what I’ve learned, here are its most common causes:

Blocked Camera and Radar Sensors

The Pre Collision Assist Not Available warning in Ford vehicles often occurs when obstacles block the camera near the rearview mirror or the radar sensor in the front grille. These obstructions, like dirt, rain, snow, ice, or fog, can disrupt their function. Simple cleaning methods, like wiping with a microfiber cloth or using a water jet washer for dirt, can usually clear them. For ice, pouring lukewarm water and gently scraping it off works well. Fog can be dealt with using an anti-fog spray or a homemade solution of toothpaste and water on the windshield. Following these steps will get your Pre-Collision Assist system working smoothly again.

Faulty Camera and Radar Sensors

If you’re seeing the Pre Collision Assist Not Available warning on your Ford dashboard despite no obstructions, you might need to check for faults in the camera and radar sensors. To diagnose these issues, you’ll need tools like a power probe, multimeter, and oscilloscope. Start by testing the wires and connections to ensure they’re secure. Then, use an oscilloscope to check if the sensors are giving accurate readings. If not, there may be a fault in one or both sensors or their connections. Repair or replace the faulty parts as needed. Finally, retest the camera and radar sensors to ensure they’re working correctly.

Radar Sensor Misalignment

In Ford vehicles, the radar sensor plays a vital role in the Pre-Collision Assist system, alerting drivers to potential hazards by detecting objects in the car’s path. However, if you encounter the Pre Collision Assist Not Available warning, misalignment of the radar sensor could be the culprit. This often happens due to poor mounting or incorrect placement during installation, or even missing screws or bolts. Vibrations from rough roads or impacts can also cause misalignment. To fix this, ensure the sensor is securely mounted with all necessary hardware and properly calibrated during installation. It’s advisable to refer to your vehicle’s manual for guidance or seek assistance from a professional mechanic for optimal results.

ECU Errors

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a vital part of any vehicle, managing functions like fuel injection and ignition timing. In Ford cars, ECU malfunctions can trigger the dashboard warning Pre Collision Assist Not Available. This system alerts drivers to potential collisions, enhancing safety. When the ECU fails, it heightens the risk of accidents. Reflashing the ECU, and reinstalling its code with diagnostic software, can sometimes resolve software-related issues without replacing the whole unit. Drivers must address this warning promptly to lower accident risks. If the ECU hardware is compromised, replacing the affected parts may be necessary.

Overheating Components

When your Ford’s Pre Collision Assist Not Available warning appears due to overheating components, start by checking the radar sensor’s wiring, connectors, and relays. Ensure they’re secure and working. Replace or reconnect any faulty parts. Also, inspect fuses and circuit breakers nearby for damage, replacing any defective ones. A vacuum leak or clogged air filter might also cause overheating. Conduct a leak test and seal any leaks. If the air filter is dirty, replace it and reset the sensor.

Pre collision assist not available sensor blocked

I’ve learned a few things about car safety systems from my own experiences. The pre collision system usually has sensors in the front bumper. It’s important to check for any damage, loose parts, or dirt that might block these sensors.

Pre collision assist not available sensor blocked

Also, some cars have sensors near the grille, so it’s good to keep an eye on that area too.

In my personal experiences, I’ve encountered the message ‘Pre Collision Assist Not Available’ in Ford cars. This could happen for various reasons, with the most common being obstructions in the radar sensors or objects blocking the camera. To fix or prevent this problem, it’s important to keep these sensors clean. However, if the issue stems from malfunctioning parts, it’s crucial to replace them promptly to ensure your car’s driver assistance system works properly.”

Pre Collision Assist Not Available Sensor Blocked. The sensors are dirty. Clean the sensors. If the message continues to appear, check your vehicle as soon as possible. The following table lists possible causes and actions for when a blocked sensor message may display.

The pre-collision system typically utilizes sensors located in the front bumper area. Look for any visible damage, loose connections, or dirt/debris that could be obstructing the sensors. Grille area: Some vehicles have sensors embedded in or around the grille.

From the Settings menu, select Driver Assist > Pre-Collision. Toggle Active Braking on or off. With Active Braking disabled, the Ford Pre Collision Assist will notify you when a collision risk is detected but will not assist in braking to avoid a collision.

Blocked sensors could affect system accuracy. A message may appear in the information display. It illuminates if your vehicle rapidly approaches another vehicle, to warn you of the risk of a crash with the vehicle in front of you. It could illuminate red if the distance to the vehicle ahead is small.

I have excellent collision avoidance systems on all my vehicles. It is far superior to anything else out there. It has saved me MANY times from potentially dangerous or even deadly situations. With decades of transport safety experience, I taught my wife how to use hers, and she readily admits it has saved her from many bad situations.

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