How to Stop Your Apple Watch from Restarting or Shutting Down

How to Stop Your Apple Watch from Restarting or Shutting Down

How to Stop Your Apple Watch from Restarting: What you can do if your Apple Watch repeatedly shuts down unexpectedly and randomly on its own is covered in this article. Only a small percentage of Apple Watch customers appear to experience this problem. This issue could have a variety of causes. I’ll do my best to address them so you can solve the issue.

How to Stop Your Apple Watch from Restarting

The issue

Users are reporting one or more of the following actions on their Apple Watch, according to the reports:

  • Without any user involvement, it randomly shuts down without restarting.
  • For certain users, the watch frequently shuts down and restarts for no apparent reason.
  • This problem could start happening following an upgrade or update.
  • This indication may appear on the watch even when the battery is completely charged.

You should try the following recommendations in the order provided if your device exhibits one of the aforementioned behaviors. I’ll try to go over the possible causes of this as well as what you can do to stop it from happening again:

How to fix issues with your Apple Watch

Your watch’s problem could be a software problem or something else entirely. I advise you to carry out the following troubleshooting steps:

  • It occurs. When you wear your watch too close to your hand, you could unintentionally restart it. Perhaps your hand is activating the buttons. If so, you can change the direction of your watch using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
    • Get your iPhone’s Watch app open. You can select the left or right wrist by going to General > Watch Orientation. You can utilize your Digital Crown on either the left or the right side.
  • Check that the battery in your watch is fully charged to rule it out. Does this problem still exist?
  • Examine watchOS for updates. Make sure your associated iPhone is up to date (Settings > General > Software Update) before checking for updates.
    • Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab near the bottom. Choose Software Update under General.
    • Instead, you can carry out this action directly on your Apple Watch. To access Settings, press the Digital Crown and hit the gear symbol. Choose Software Update under General.
  • Force Your Apple Watch should be reset. Until the Apple logo shows, press and hold the Side button and Digital Crown simultaneously.

Troubleshoot your watch’s apps

This issue might be brought on by some unreliable apps:

  • On your watch, update all installed apps. By heading to App Store > Account > Updates and selecting Update All, you can manually update all of your watch’s apps.
  • If you are not using an app, close it. As follows:
    • click the side button.
    • There will be a list of open applications. To scroll through the apps, use your Finder or Digital Crown.
    • One by one, swipe to the left on the apps.
    • A sizable X in a red box will be visible. Click this box. Continue doing this until there are no more open apps.
    • Did the installation of a new app cause this issue to start? Or, are you experiencing this issue while using a certain app?
  • Try to identify the malfunctioning app. To locate the app, keep going through these steps:
    • Uninstall any apps you believe to be contributing to the issue.
    • Check the watch. Still, having trouble?
    • If the issue with resuming or crashing has been resolved, the app you deleted may have been the root of the issue. If so, refrain from installing it once more, or at the very least wait until the app’s developer releases an update.

Advanced measures

Try the following actions if the issue persists:

  • Make sure your watch and iPhone are close to one another before you unpair and wipe your Apple Watch.
    • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, choose My Watch from the bottom of the screen, and then touch All Watches. Unpair your Apple Watch by tapping the information I button next to your watch. obey the directions displayed on the screen. Your iPhone will automatically make a backup.
  • Holding your iPhone and watch together while following the instructions, pair them again after unpairing. You will be prompted to restore from a backup while pairing. Choose a backup first, then restore data from that backup. Next, give your Apple Watch a few days of testing. Does it still frequently restart, crash, or shut down on its own? If the response is affirmative, unpair your watch once more; but, this time, when you pair it again, do not restore from a backup; instead, set it up from scratch.


I described the issue with the Apple Watch randomly restarting that some users encounter in my article. Hardware or software faults could be to blame for this issue. For individuals who experience it, this is a serious issue. When this occurs, it may affect your productivity and workflow or simply make it challenging to communicate with people. If the aforementioned measures did not assist you, you can get support from Apple by contacting them. Please share in the comments below whether the techniques outlined here were helpful to you or if you discovered another fix for your Apple Watch crashing or restarting.


Why does my Apple Watch restart after every shutdown?

This issue might be brought on by some unreliable apps: On your watch, update all installed apps. By heading to App Store > Account > Updates and selecting Update All, you can manually update all of your watch’s apps. If you are not using an app, close it.

Why does my Apple Watch restart at random?

After updating to iOS 16/15 on your iPhone, some of the apps might be damaged, have issues, or not download completely, which could cause your Apple Watch to switch off at random. Simply uninstall the third-party apps from the Apple Watch to see if that solves the issue.

Why does the Apple logo appear on my Apple Watch before it shuts off?

Perform an Apple Watch factory reset.

So, if restarting your watch manually doesn’t stop the Apple logo from flashing, you’ll need to perform a factory reset. This is how: Open the Watch App on the iPhone that is paired with the Watch. Choose General. Reset

Why won’t my Apple Watch stay powered on?

Hold down the side button until the Power Off button appears to restart your Apple Watch. Holding down the side button once again will turn it back on after waiting roughly 10 to 15 seconds. Re-enable the setting after disabling it. (On your iPhone, open the “Watch” app and choose Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On.

Why is my Apple Watch unable to start up?

Force restart the iPhone it is paired to first to get it out of its boot loop. Next, hold down the side button and digital crown simultaneously for 10 seconds. Its boot loop should now be broken. Hoping this is useful.

Why does my iPhone seem to be restarting constantly?

Several factors could be to blame if your phone restarts frequently. You may have downloaded a questionable program, your phone may be overheated, or the battery may be running low. We’ll go over the troubleshooting procedures you need to follow if your phone keeps crashing and restarting.

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