Nacon RIG 800 Pro HX headset review

Nacon RIG 800 Pro HX headset review

Look no farther than Nacon RIG 800 Pro if you want a high-end Xbox Series X|S headset that won’t break the bank. It’s one of the coziest headsets you can buy, with excellent sound and mic quality. We cannot stress how highly we suggest the RIG 800 Pro for extended, intense gaming sessions.

Pros include,

superior sound quality, a first-rate microphone, one of the most comfortable headsets, and affordability.

Cons are,

The build quality might be improve. And No connected option -Long charging time -Mic cannot detach.

One-minute review

One of the greatest headsets available for Xbox platforms is Nacon’s RIG 800 Pro. However, you won’t likely notice it right away. The headset’s cups are lazily disconnect from the headpiece when it is first open. And attaching them with clips seems like a worrisomely dangerous process.

The RIG 800 Pro’s entire construction appears fragile, even when the cups are securely snap into place. The material of the headset seems flimsy and low-quality. So much so that if handled improperly, the headpiece and mic feel like they may shatter.

However, we did mention that one of the top headsets for Xbox Series X|S consoles is the RIG 800 Pro. And despite the flimsy build quality, it is unquestionably the case. Every other measure shows that the RIG 800 Pro is truly exceptional.

The auditory quality of the headset is incredible. Dolby Atmos, a license for which is there in the box, enhances the very well-rounded 3D audio that is offer by this device. The headset’s 40mm drivers may reduce distortion, resulting in a detailed and enveloping sound. This, together with the deep cups of the headset, enables extremely high-quality sound that is undoubtedly superior.

Nacon RIG 800 Pro

Review continues

Along with the outstanding sound, the headset’s great degree of comfort has to be one of its most notable qualities. It’s uncommon to get a pair of comfortable cans for such a low cost. Simply said, using the RIG 800 Pro is comfortable, and it makes extended gaming sessions enjoyable because it never causes ear irritation.

On the back of the left cup, a few buttons and sliders are located. These are touch-identifiable and pleasantly accessible. There is a sizable button to turn the headset on or off, two sliders to adjust the volume and balance of the game-to-party chat audio, and a button to rapidly silence the microphone. Here, the straightforward menu and uncomplicate design are extremely have to appreciate.

The RIG 800 Pro may charge in two different methods. You may use the provided charging station, which the headset can magnetically attach to, or you can plug the headset straight into your console or computer via a micro-USB connection. The latter was preferable to us since it charged the headset more quickly. Even so, for a total of 24 hours of battery life, charging in both situations took a little longer than we’d like—roughly three to four hours.

Price and availability of Nacon RIG 800 Pro

For $149, £199, or $299, you can purchase the RIG 800 Pro straight from the Nacon website. The headset is still worth the asking price regardless of where you live due to its array of high-quality features, even if you’re getting a considerably better value if you live in the US.

Nacon RIG 800 Pro Design

Nacon RIG 800 Pro
  • really comfortable to wear
  • The auto-adjusting headband is excellent.
  • Better build quality could achieve

At first appearance, the RIG 800 Pro has the ability to confound you. Although the headset’s cups first come apart, don’t worry—not it’s broken. You may start using the cups after securing them with clips.

But that surely didn’t leave the finest impression. The headset’s general construction is poor. Although it’s not at all bad and is simple to overlook once you start using it, we do urge care when you initially assemble the headset. This is due to the fact that the headset’s plastics do seem shoddy and a little brittle, especially around the edges of the headpiece.

Nacon RIG 800 Pro Design Cont’d

The cups of the headset work the other way. In contrast, they are excellent and have a plush coating that is amply cushion to provide a high level of comfort. The headset may sit comfortably on your head because of the soft mesh material used to make the self-adjusting headband. Longer gaming sessions are made a complete delight with the RIG 800 Pro’s superior comfort. To take a break, we never felt the need to take the headset off.

The headset’s mic is unobtrusive and only turns on when you’ve lowered it into place. This is a wonderful feature because it eliminates the need for you to manually switch off the microphone by fiddling with settings. Unfortunately, the headset’s mic cannot in any way be take off. But when you’re not using it, it can be fold up and hidden from view.

Design score: 4 / 5

Nacon RIG 800 Pro Features

Nacon RIG 800 Pro
  • battery life of 24 hours
  • practical charging deck
  • straightforward on-board buttons

The feature set of the RIG 800 Pro is pretty basic. In addition to the headset itself, you also receive a Dolby Atmos license, a charging stand, a charging cable, and a wireless USB adaptor for connecting the headset.

The charging station is unexpectedly stylish. It will display the charge status on an LED on the front of the stand as soon as you plug it in through USB and connect the headset. Its status indicators are red for charging and green for completely charged. The wireless adapter may store in a convenient slot at the rear of the charging station when not in use.

A micro-USB port on the left ear cup allows you to charge the headset in addition. Given that USB-C is currently the more popular choice, we would have preferred it. We appreciate not having to use the charging station as the only outlet, though.

The battery life is also excellent. Around 24 hours may expecte on a full charge. If you want to use the headset regularly, we do advise charging it over night. The RIG 800 Pro requires three to four hours to fully charge using the stand.

Features cont’d

You’ll hear a voice verifying the condition of the headset when you turn on the RIG 800 Pro. You can see if the headset is connect and how much battery life is left by looking at this.

The left cup of the headset also has a few buttons and sliders. While you’re wearing it, these are quite simple to find and recognize. If necessary, you may easily change the level and turn off the microphone by using these.

The feature set is minimal, so it’s not overly complicate, but it has all you need to keep the headset charged and connected.

Features score: 3.5 / 5

 Sound quality

 sound quality
  • fantastic audio quality
  • For Dolby Atmos, perfect
  • good microphone

For audiophiles, the RIG 800 Pro is a big victory. You won’t be dissatisfied if you purchase the headset with the intent of listening to music. With the headset on, music sounds incredibly detailed. Even more so while playing video games, since the integrated license for Dolby Atmos will give incredibly immersive 3D audio at no additional expense.

Because of this, the RIG 800 Pro is the ideal option if you want greater immersion. We were blown away by how much detail the headset was able to pick up when we loaded up Forza Horizon 5. The RIG 800 Pro gave us the impression that we were truly there, from the loud engine noises and clumsy gear changes to the thunderous impact of automobiles striking the ground after a 200-foot leap.

The excellent quality continues past the microphone. Instead, the RIG 800 Pro serves as a headset that is more than adequate in this regard. In our testing, the receivers could clearly hear our voices. Each of their voices could be clearly heard.

Therefore, the RIG 800 Pro provides genuinely superb audio quality throughout and is well worth the asking price.

Sound quality score: 4.5 / 5

Should I buy the RIG 800 Pro HX headset?

HX headset

Buy it if…

You want the best possible audio.
The RIG 800 Pro excels at both sound engineering and music. We can’t suggest this headset enough if you’re looking for amazing sound.

You desire comfort.
Because of its flexible, self-adjusting headband and well-padded cups, the RIG 800 Pro is almost outrageously comfortable.

You desire a long battery life.
With a single charge lasting about 24 hours, you might go days or even weeks without needing to recharge the headset.

Don’t buy it if…

You desire a well-built product.
The RIG 800 Pro’s construction might be better because some of the materials utilized feel a little flimsy.

You favor using a wired headset.
If wifi doesn’t appeal to you, you should probably search elsewhere.

For the PS5, you need a headset.
The RIG 800 Pro HX is intended for PCs and Xbox gaming systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Rig 800 Pro HX be used on a PC?

With Dolby Atmos for Headphones, the RIG 800 PRO HX Wireless Headset and Multi-Function Base Station for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11 PCs 24 Hour Battery with 3D Surround Sound Amazon’s Choice features highly regarded, affordably priced items that may be delivered right now. Hope you got the answer.

2. Why won’t my rig 800 mic work?

Make sure everything is configured properly in your game console’s audio settings if you are experiencing problems with the headset’s microphone. Additionally, you could wish to reconnect the wireless adapter and headset. I think you can be satisfied with this answer. If not browse more in the internet and you will definitely come up with a good answer.

3. The best audio format for the PS5 is what?

The optimum audio format for PS5 is still PCM because it is uncompressed and doesn’t need any further processing. Therefore, DTS is the finest audio format for watching movies or listening to music, especially with a surround sound system, whereas PCM is the best audio format for gaming on the PlayStation. Hope the answer is there.

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