Remedy for Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages

Remedy for Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages

Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages: For a number of reasons, images or videos in messages occasionally fail to load. You may send and receive messages and SMS messages on your Mac by using the Messages program. Media files may be included in these messages. This article explains what to do if the photos or videos in text discussions in the Messages program on your Mac are not visible.

Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages

It’s possible for you or your recipient’s photos and videos to not load properly after being sent or received. Sometimes the icons for the images or videos are blank. Instead of the actual material, you might simply see the filename (such as IMG 676.MOV or IMG 300. HEIC). Your attachments may also be a part of this issue. They might not be accessible to see or open. You could consider them vital, so when you open your messages, you’ll want to see them. The explanations and recommendations for resolving this issue are provided in the sections of this article that follow. Please follow the instructions below if you are having trouble downloading or reading these files through Messages on your Mac.

How do make Messages on Mac’s photos and videos appear

This issue could be caused by several problems. We’ll start with some simple troubleshooting advice, and if it doesn’t work, you can try the more complicated procedures after that.

Basic actions:

  • Start your Mac again. Choose Restart from the Apple menu.
  • Verify that your Mac has an Internet connection.
  • Verify that the macOS on your Mac is up to date.
  • Make sure everything is accurate by going to the Apple menu > System Preferences, clicking Date & Time, and then clicking OK.
  • Sign out, then back in one more. Go to Messages > Preferences > iMessage > Settings in the messaging app.

Examine the Attachments folder.

Your Attachments folder can be corrupt, which could be the reason for your issue. This folder contains any pictures, movies, or other files that were sent or received through messages. We are going to check a few items, including:

To start, navigate to Macintosh HD > Users > [username] > Library > Messages and select the Attachments folder. Here is how to get to it:

  1. Click Go in the top menu bar after opening Finder. Press the Library folder by holding down the Option key, then click it. Click the Messages folder twice. Do you see the folder for attachments? If you don’t see a folder called Attachments, make one, restart your Mac, and then check again. Enable Messages. Can you now see pictures and videos?
Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages

2. Open the Attachments folder if one exists. It ought to have a lot of subfolders. Your Messages files should be located in these directories if you open them. The Attachments folder — is it empty? Does it occupy 0 kb? Create a new folder and delete this Attachment folder if this is the situation. Next restart your Computer, launch Messages and run the test once more.

3. If there are folders and files in your Attachments folder, a permission issue can be the cause. You can either choose the Attachments folder and press Command-I, or you can right-click it and choose to Get Info. This will reveal information about the Attachments folder in a new window. Make sure you have Read & Write permission by opening the Sharing & Permissions section. If not, click the Privilege button next to your user name and choose Read & Write from the menu. You might need to enter an administrator password by clicking the lock icon in the window’s bottom-right corner.

Pictures or Videos Not Shown in Mac Messages


How can I view every photo in my Mac’s messages?

Viewing images or videos in detail Scroll to Pictures by selecting the Details button in the conversation’s upper right corner, and then double-click a file to launch it. You can open the file in its app after it shows in the Quick Look window. For a video, for instance, click Open with Pictures.

Why won’t videos play on my Mac?

Potential main reasons include malware or virus problems, fire damage, network outages during file downloads, problems resulting from improper video processing, and file format incompatibility with your player. These are all frequent and potential causes of videos not playing on Macs.

Why are images not showing up?

Images may not appear on your website for a variety of reasons. Clear the cache to ensure that you are viewing the most recent version of your website. To rule out the possibility that the problem is occurring exclusively on your device, you can also disable any ad blockers or browser extensions.

Why won’t my photographs display?

Potential causes

The image’s URL (location) is not correctly pointed to on the website. The website has not yet been updated, and the server or computer holding the image has relocated or deleted the image. Due to a high volume of requests, the website or machine holding the image is unable to transfer the image to you.

Why don’t my photographs appear in text messages?

If MMS is turned off on your iPhone, you won’t be able to communicate with Android users or communicate when iMessage isn’t accessible by sending or receiving multimedia messages like photographs or videos. Run the Settings application. Click Messages. Look down at the bottom to see if MMS Messaging is enabled.

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