With a Mac, you can’t copy and paste. Ways to Fix

With a Mac, you can’t copy and paste. Ways to Fix

Fix can’t copy and paste with Mac: Recently, I was experiencing issues with my Mac’s copy-and-paste functionality. The issue was that nothing would happen when I tried to paste something after copying or cutting it. There was nothing copied, so there was nothing to paste, so the “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style” options would either not appear, or they would appear darkened. This is demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Fix can't copy and paste with Mac

One of the most often used functions on any personal computer, including Mac, is copies and paste. You might not even be aware of how frequently you copy and paste. You can copy content from one program and paste it into another, or vice versa. Sections of text, complete documents or files, full web pages, photos, videos, and more can all be copied and pasted into multiple places. There are several methods for performing copy and paste:

  • To copy and paste something, either choose the item or highlight the text.
  • Cut or Copy.
    • Copy: The shortcut Command-C, the Edit > Copy menu option, or a right-click (or control-click) on your mouse or touchpad and the copy option will appear.
    • Cut can be selected with the Command-X shortcut, the Edit > Cut menu item, or by right-clicking (or control-clicking) on the mouse or touchpad.
  • A paste can be done in several ways, including the right-click (or control-click) menu option, the Command-V shortcut, Option-Shift-Command-V for Paste and Match Style, Edit > Paste, or Paste and Match Style.

The most likely explanation for why copy and paste don’t function on your Mac is that your clipboard stopped functioning and has to be reset. You might even occasionally get error messages that read, “board quit suddenly.” Once you realize this, you can restart Pboard to make it functional once more. This process is simple.

Restarting the Clipboard sometimes helps with copy-and-paste issues

Two strategies exist for doing this. You can employ a Terminal or Activity Monitor. We will end the boarding procedure using either approach. The macOS clipboard daemon is called Pboard (a program running in the background, ready for your copy-paste requests). To exit the board, pick one of the following:

Activity Tracker

  • On your Mac, launch Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities).
  • Enter “board” in the search field in the Activity Monitor window’s upper right corner and press Enter. This will help you locate the boarding process.
  • Click the Stop (X) icon in the toolbar after selecting the boarding process with your mouse. You will receive a pop-up window asking you to confirm your decision to end the procedure. Choose Force Quit.
Fix can't copy and paste with Mac

By doing this, the process will end immediately. Try copying and pasting after you’ve closed Activity Monitor.


The boarding process can also be terminated via the Terminal. As follows:

On your Mac, select Programs > Utilities to launch Terminal.
Enter after you type the following command:

Fix can't copy and paste with Mac

The boarding procedure will restart as a result.

Fix can’t copy and paste with Mac: Why doesn’t copy and paste still work?

If restarting the board does not resolve the issue, there might be another issue at play. Use these

  • Try restarting the app if you are experiencing this problem with a specific one. The app itself could be the problem. Make sure the app is current. If you are certain that the issue just affects this program, you can uninstall it and reinstall it.
  • Start your Mac again.
  • Verify that the macOS on your Mac is up to date.
  • Start your Mac in Safe Mode, run any tests, then exit Safe Mode and give it another shot.

Hopefully, one of the aforementioned suggestions has assisted you in resolving your copy-and-paste issue, allowing you to use copy-and-paste on your Mac once more.


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