How Much Does Camshaft Sensor Repair Cost

How Much Does Camshaft Sensor Repair Cost

Discover the camshaft sensor repair cost, ranging from $105 to $226, depending on whether you visit a mechanic or do it yourself. Learn more about what influences these costs and related repairs. Dealing with car troubles can be a real headache, especially regarding engine components like the camshaft sensor. You’re not alone if you’re wondering about the camshaft sensor repair cost. From my experience, this repair is a common issue that many car owners face. Typically, the cost of replacing a camshaft sensor ranges between $105 and $226. This price varies based on whether you opt to visit a mechanic or take on the task yourself.

Keep in mind that this cost estimate is based on national averages and might not include additional taxes, fees, or specific costs related to your car’s make and model. Sometimes, related repairs or maintenance, such as replacing the crankshaft sensor, may also be necessary, potentially increasing the overall expense. Understanding these factors can help you better prepare for the repair and avoid any unwelcome surprises.

How much does camshaft sensor repair cost

The average cost for camshaft sensor repair

The camshaft sensor is one of the essential parts of your vehicle, so much so that you probably won’t be able to drive at all with a faulty one. Fortunately, the camshaft sensor repair cost is relatively inexpensive compared to many other vehicle parts. It usually takes about an hour for a mechanic to replace it. However, this time can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Luxury vehicles and those with more complicated engine systems typically take a bit longer at the shop. In most cases, though, diagnosis takes longer than the actual replacement. If you already know that the camshaft sensor is the problem, the maintenance is fairly quick.

  • Parts Cost: $105 to $136
  • Labor Cost: $72 to $90

When it comes to the camshaft sensor repair cost, doing it yourself can save you a bundle. Replacing a camshaft sensor on your own is a common do-it-yourself project that’s budget-friendly. Since you’re not paying for labor, you can cut almost half the expense of professional replacement services. Plus, you’ll only need to purchase one part, which is readily available and easy to install, even for beginners. The process is straightforward, with simple steps to follow, and you’ll likely find all the necessary tools right at home. Just make sure you’re certain that the camshaft sensor is the culprit before diving into the repair.

  • DIY Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Parts Needed
How much does camshaft sensor repair cost

What Is Camshaft Sensor

The camshaft sensor helps the engine control unit know where the camshaft is in its rotation. This helps the computer send the right amount of fuel and air to each cylinder and determines the exact time to ignite it.

How much does camshaft sensor repair cost

What does a camshaft sensor do

First, let’s talk about the camshaft sensor’s role, but to understand that, we first need to understand what a camshaft does. A camshaft is a metal part that spins with lobes, known as cams, on its shaft. These cams open and close valves as the shaft turns, regulating the flow of fuel-air mixture into the engine cylinder and expelling exhaust gases afterward. Cars typically have one camshaft for all cylinders or separate ones for intake and exhaust valves, and some engines may even have four. The camshaft and the crankshaft work together, connected by a timing belt to ensure synchronized operation.

Common Symptoms That Show You Need to Replace the Camshaft Sensor

How much does camshaft sensor repair cost

It’s crucial to pay attention to common symptoms that indicate you need to replace the camshaft sensor. From my experiences, I’ve learned that there are a few signs of camshaft sensor faults to watch out for, which can give you a heads-up about potential problems. Ignoring these symptoms could be risky, as a faulty camshaft sensor might cause an accident or even total engine failure.

  • The check engine light is on.
  • Starting the car is hard or impossible.
  • The car jerks and surges.
  • The engine stalls.
  • Acceleration is slow.
  • Shifting gears is difficult.
  • Fuel efficiency has dropped.

Causes of camshaft sensor failure

Causes of camshaft sensor failure often include both mechanical and electrical problems. From my experience, issues usually arise from regular wear and tear or after an accident. Breakage and short circuits can damage the sensor’s chips, and connection errors between the camshaft position sensor and the ECU can also occur.

How much does camshaft sensor repair cost

Unfortunately, the camshaft sensor is usually to blame when there’s a camshaft issue. Driving with a faulty sensor isn’t advisable because, at best, it increases fuel consumption and makes driving uncomfortable. At worst, it can cause your car to stop abruptly.


Being aware of the potential costs associated with camshaft sensor repair is important for budgeting and maintaining your vehicle. By understanding the factors that influence repair costs, such as the make and model of your car and the extent of the damage, you can make informed decisions about when and where to seek repairs. Additionally, considering preventative maintenance measures can help minimize the risk of costly repairs in the future.

On average, the cost of replacing a Camshaft Position Sensor ranges from $181 to $244. This includes estimated labor costs of $75 to $95 and part prices ranging from $106 to $149.

The cam sensor, though small, holds significant importance and can vary in price from approximately $15 for some vehicles to several hundred dollars for others. Fortunately, it’s typically a straightforward component to replace, restoring engine performance immediately after repair.

Causes of camshaft sensor failure may include mechanical damage, fractures in the encoder wheel, and internal short circuits.

Use an OBD-II scanner to check for error codes associated with the camshaft position sensor. Remove the sensor from the vehicle and measure the resistance between its two connector terminals (terminals 1 and 2). If the resistance is not between 1 and 4 ohms, the sensor needs to be replaced.

On average, replacing a Camshaft Position Sensor in a Nissan Altima ranges from $121 to $190. Labor expenses are typically estimated at $38 to $48, while parts range from $83 to $142 in price.


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